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If you can't appreciate THIS:

...you might have a problem over here, LOL.
Van Der Graaf Generator, Mr Peter Hammill = GOD.
Sorry about that!

#2 = ME Is Massive, MAJOR Tennis-Fan, but even more, ANTI-Tennis-TARD - from whatever side of the fence.

Anyone who posts silliness to downplay/bash/ridicule either of Roger Federer's or/and Rafael Nadal's fantastic achievements in Tennis... is no friend of mine.
Yep, I am one of those "dreadful" Fedal Fans, in other words, acknowledging that BOTH of these players are wonderful, and indeed, already GOATS of the game.
USE YOUR *focking* BRAINS for once, and allow some kind of OBJECTIVITY, you silly haters - Sanity, Please!

#3 = ME is artist, design lover, of any kind, shape or form.
My fav designer? - Mr. Pierre Paulin -
I am a collectioner of his fantastic 1960'-1970's-stuff, yeah!

#4 = ME is massive fan of bands - like Anathema, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Riverside, etc., but just as much of the classics-of-old, to name: Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator, et al.

#5 = ME is semi-pro BRIDGE Card Player, and at quite a good level at that. LOL! :-)

#6 = ME has achieved a few Master's university titles - got one in Medical Biology (okay a long time ago), got one in both Criminal and Civil Law, just the same. Can't help it, just did it.
I'm a massive DORK/NERD, the female version.
Might well add up some more, should I not get enough drawing propositions in the coming three months or so. Bring 'em on! :-)

#7 = ME is a long-distance hiker, a nature lover, a bird watcher. I am in awe of all of the beauty that Natural Science has to offer us poor mortals.

#8 = ME is a romantic. I believe in doing 'good', oh yeah!

"Ever mind the Rule of Three -
Three time what thou givest,
will return to thee!"

Worked out pretty well for me so far.

Oh sorry, I do like HEAVY METAL and classic PUNK rock, as well. Can't help it. Heh. :-)

"Don't Play With Me, You're Playing with FIRE."
Other main interests: (European) heavy/gothic/symphonic/alternative music and gothic art.</b>
Favourite bands? Too many to mention... for the moment,
(1) Anathema, (2) Porcupine Tree, (3) Opeth.
Could change any minute, though. Just know I'll cherish the *above mentioned* anytime, anywhere!

In particular These Nice Liverpoodlian Chaps...

Yes, those are the Lovely ANATHEMA Guys!

Apart from that, I love nature - I have a Masters' degree in biology and everything that creeps, crawls or simply *grows * has my special interest.
Current occupation: working for a law firm. Huh! I just recieved the Masters' degree in that area, too... I'm a University Addict. Yes, I have a lot to do - I DO have a Real Life!

RL stuff will appear here as well, but behind a friends cut, as I am protective of those who are mentioned. And of myself, of course.

And once in a while, I may well post some Pic Spam of Lovely Guys I happen to admire...
For instance, this one:

Spanish Lovely *Rafael Nadal*

Don't know *him*? Where have you been the past few months, hiding under gravel a rock??? Smoking GRASS, perhaps?

Or, the Above Mentioned Laddie's so-called Main Rival, who I happen to adore just as much:

Swiss Gorgeous *Roger Federer*

Very pretty too, IMHO. Don't agree? What's gotten into your eyes - CLAY, perhaps?

No, I don't buy any Mutual Hatred between these lovely laddies. Rivalry? Only *On* Court.
I thoroughly believe them when they both say they get along very well - I'd even like to address them as friends.
I thoroughly wished their fans would be able follow their lovely demonstrations of Mutual Respect...


I usually friend everyone back who friends me (unless your silliness appears to go beyond a certain level of acceptability, but so far this has never yet happened ;-). I post very irregularly, but when I do, I hope my posts in some way make sense or at least make you smile for a moment.

Love, and may your days be Bright and Light,