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Happy 2015 to everybody!

Hope it will be a good one, for all of you!
We had a pretty nice private party at my house, the usual, listening to music (Opeth won our annual 'Best Album'-prize for their fantastic 'Pale Communion', unanimous votes!), and emptied some nice Pommery Champagne bottles between our neighbours and ourselves at 24:00, courtesy from Birdman's boss (surely I never bothered to pay for 'real' champagne, and neither does TBM himself, LOL!).
Nice to meet the current neighbours from... Shanghai. Very nice to find out my new neighbours are in fact ICT-specialists, operating their own firm, from a flat somewhere in Nirgendwo over here, and doing fine at that.
Birdman turned out to be especially interested. I wonder why. Or rather, I don't. ;-)

Okay, now for the annual "what's to stay, and, what's to go in 2015"-list!

1. Fanaticism of all kinds or forms, whether or not 'religiously inspired'.
I can write a complete BOOK on this matter, but don't worry, I won't post it over here. All those F*CKING IDIOTS of Al Queada, IS, El Shabaab, or whatever they call themselves - be ashamed of yourselves, and don't tell me your crimes against humanity are in one way or another 'religiously inspired'. BUGGER OFF!!!
It goes further, though. I find certain 'fans' of certain sportsmen or artistst quite likewise frightening.
Those silly double standards, that cult of personality... it's not all that different, I'm afraid.

2. Facebook and likewise '(a)social media'.
I just cannot understand how people are willing to offer/dump their privacy to TPTB just like that, in such an egocentric manner - "Just look how interesting/succesful/beautiful/wonderful I am!".
Yeah, sure... Egomania at its worst.
Besides that, sorry, I am NOT interested in pictures of your your pets, your latest dinner, let alone of those of you breastfeeding, giving birth, and so like. Nor am I impressed about how beautiful you and/or your lives are. Buh-bye!

3. My dear friend Emilio's bloody intestine cancer.
Let's not even go here. We're keeping our fingers crossed for him!

4. Keyboard Warriors, spending 24/7 on the net *complaining* about whatever - usually political and/or social security matters, but who apparently are too lazy to just figure out stuff for themselves (read: to inform themselves), whereas with just a tiny little bit of own initiative, they will find out that those matters they're complaining about all the time aren't at all too difficult to deal with at all. Or... maybe there are tons of goodwilling folks out there perhaps able to give one advice? I know at least ONE of those, if only these professional complainers would take care to notice.
Complaining and fuming on all over the net, it's so much easier, isn't it...?

5. NSA. Should I say even more?

6. Doping in sports. Goodheavens. Anyone who ignores or even defends it - you must be one of those ignorant Keyboard Warriors.

7. The ridiculous so-called 'tradition' of setting off fireworks by amateurs on 31/12 in my country. How many more folks will have to suffer from damaged eyes and limbs because of this 'tradition'? Follow as is the case in about every other civilized country - no more setting off of fireworks by amateurs, but just organize great parties with only professionals doing the fireworks.

8. Windows 8.
Bugger off with those ugly tiles and apps. We never asked for them and we don't need them!
I don't want computers to think for me. I'd rather do the thinking myself, thankyouverymuch-and-goodbye.

9. Even more commercialism of what used to be 'independent, alternative music'.
My own favourites Anathema apparently being a major victim of this in 2014, both their latest album and their shows having gone down the cul-de-sac of predictability and commerciality. Too bad.

10. Justin Bieber and all of his fellow fangirl-inducing comrades as being bad excuses for 'music'. NOTHING to do with 'music' at all.
In fact this goes for ALL fanbois/grlz of whatever fandom. See point #1, unfortunately. Please be gone for good.

1. Pope Francis.
This coming from a hard-core scientist/atheist (okay, I have my more positive moments looking at the stars, and thinking I just might be an agnostic, LOL!) - but this fellow surely appears to be a rather fresh breath of air compared with his predecessors. "Who am I to Judge?" - Exactly, mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Now just convince the rest of the Curie/your followers!

2. General courtacy and friendliness to one another.
Why is it so hard, just to say friendly word to your fellows waiting for the same bus as you are? Why is it so hard, to just ask a friend what's bothering him or her, if you haven't heard from him or her for a while?
Why is it so easy to just DUMP people, when they seem to be going through a harsh period in their lives, and perhaps just need that shoulder to cry on the most of all? Especially the latter...
Too busy posting on Facebook how 'fantastic' your life is? Okay...
In other words, just try and say "Hello!" to your fellows, even if it's just some unknown 'bum' out there on the streets.
Makes all of our lives so much better.

3. DARTS!!! - yes it is a genuine SPORT.
If golf is a sport, why not darts? I will not get into the matter of a genuine mind sport like bridge being a SPORT as well.
It's apparently too difficult for many to understand. Oh, well...
Vamos, misters Taylor, Van Gerven, Van Barneveld & Anderson!

4. Lionel Messi - hey, what's that, a miraculously good football player being a nice, sincerely humble guy?
He's not posing like a sissy with nail manicures, beating up GF's in a brothel, not plastering his house with speeding tickets and/or crashed wreckages, WUT???
Cannot be true. Cannot be true. Well it still is. Too bad he missed out on the WC this year with Argentina, but truth be said, the German team fully deserved their victory. :-D
Well those Argentinians already got too much this year, no? See #1 on this list. Including even our queen Max. LOL! :-)

5. Thomas Pikkety's "Capital in the Twenty-First Century".
A very interesting take on modern economy, and yes I think the guy has a good point.
I'm dreading the abuse of his theories though, as I believe that people's OWN responsibilities on how they spend (and save!) their money comes into this particular question as well.

6. Our promise to take along beloved friend Emilio for a trip to Barcelona, once he's recovered enough from surgery and its nasty complications.

7. Bits of Freedom.
No need to add any explanation. See #2 and #5 on the "What's to GO"-list.
Yep, I am a volunteer lawyer for BoF. Shouldn't be much of a surprise.

8. Opeth and Steven Wilson. The continuous Master deliverers of fantastic music.
Waiting for their first failure. I don't get the impression it's due yet. Yay!

9. YESSSS!!!! It's still possible, organizing a completely NON-COMMERCIAL festival of independent alternative music!
The Nothern ProgRock Festival, in the bloody Middle-of-Nowhere in Siegerwoude, Fryslân - a total of five very fine bands hailing from all over Europe performing over there for some 150 of hard-core lovers of completely 'unknown' progressive rock bands. It was a BLAST!!!
All our gratefulness for this wonderful weekend to our Frysiân friends of Leap Day.
We'll be back to you wonderful guys in 2015!

10. RUSH. Aka Dirk, Lerxt & Pratt.
Perhaps the best band ever. GOATS, all three of them, if ever such thing as a 'GOAT' ever exists.
Rumour has it that they will embarg on a tour again. If such, be sure, we'll be there (again)!

"We suspend our disbeliefs, we are not alone!"

HAPPY 2015 ALL!!!
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