Servant_Solarfall (solarfallsrealm) wrote,

My best wishes for X-mas and upcoming 2015 for all of you!

Long time no see, but... not forgotten.

Bah. It's that time of the year again. Let it be said, I truly despise the commercialism surrounding Christmas and all so-called 'parties', if it were up to me, I'd gladly choose to wake up not until mid-February again - days getting lighter & longer & warmer -
Spring being in the air, birds singing again, etc...

Here's once again, here's my attempt at The Most Horrible *KITSH* X-mas Tree of All Times -



Well it's a decent attempt, no? That little 'tree' happens to be the same one that's been with me for over three years.
For some obscure reason, it somehow survived its life on my balcony all that time.

I love them fluorescent orange glass balls which I managed to get at a bargain.
Nobody wanted them. Except for me. Quite telling, I suppose.

There's been a lot of concerts I witnessed lately but I just didn't find the fortitude to be able to post about them.
Might have to do with my dearest friend Emilio struggeling with the aftermaths of having to deal with a dreadful tumour in his abdomen.
After a lot of surgeries, he's been declared FREE of all said rubbish now, and bloody hell I am so happy about that!

My dearest friend mr. Emilio, along with DeHuiz and Birdman, just signed up for an upcoming concert May 2015 at my hometown's De Helling, of the most lovely Jacco Gardner -

"... I can't see you, I would like to - CLEAR THE AIR...!"

January, February 2015 - please come AS FAST AS CAN BE.
I want to hear the birds singing again!

In all honesty, Mr. Jacco Gardner's debut album "Cabinet of Curiosities" might well be the most lovely music I've heard in about a decades' time.
Don't tell him - don't spoil him. ;-).
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