Servant_Solarfall (solarfallsrealm) wrote,

Stereotypes of The Netherlands -

I'm not all around here all too often but this just made me smile and I wanted to share it with you, as... perhaps some of these stereotypes indeed hide a bit of truth - or even more!, LOL!

You know, that country of which most of Americans think Amsterdam is the capital of Denmark, or vice versa? :p
No, just a terrible, tiny, overcrowded spot located near the North Sea, some of which still think it's Hippy Country (no, it's NOT AT ALL, and smoking pot is more allowed in the USA than it is over here in my country nowadays, just to debunk some kind of silly ideas).


Well, I'm from "Train Delay Central", and my BF is a so-called 'Stubborn Blond Speedskater' aka a Frysian - but he hates snow and ice, and will never be spotted anywhere near it, despite indeed being stubborn and blond. LOL!

I most of all had to laugh aout the comments about our Southern neighbours, aka The Belgians - no, they are NOT stupid, and YES they have splendid beer - but the sidenote 'fix your highways, we need them to get to France!' is just so much spot-on!!! :D

More on that coming soon... as I've just come back from La Douce France, and well yes, I'm in love with that country.
As I've been for over a couple of decades already.

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