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"Managers", or whut?

I've already known it for a while, but today it got clear that my supervisor - who's a kind, perhaps even a bit TOO kind, a gentleman - who doesn't get on very well with his 'manager' aka the Mrs. Bonobo 'above' him.

I'm no part of this clash at all - Thanks Providence! -, but I know for sure that supervisor D. does indeed try his very best, even if I at times/rather regularly disagree with his - admitted, rather hippie-dippie - attitude. I'm a bit more of the 'hard core'-attitude at the office, in other words, "dear respected client, it's up to YOU to back up your claims, if you aren't able of doing that, than sorry, nothing we can do for you" - sorry folks, that's how it works for me, and that's, unfortunately for D., how it works for Mrs. Manager Bonobo just as well.

To be honest, I happen to agree with that attitude.
Still... that doesn't make me feel alright with her attitude towards Mr. D. Rather the contrary.

I have yet to encounter any "manager" who ever managed to explain to me exactly WHY they think they are entitled to earn so much more dosh than whatever-a-hard-trying-co-worker/professional, ever more, I have yet to find out what "managers" in general DO at all to 'earn' their money, apart from having endless discussions about the "management" the colour of the toilet paper in the loo? or, worse, keeping an eye, controlling their professionals to the point that those professionals don't feel safe to take any decision by themselves at all. Mind you, said "manager" usually has no clue at all of what their coworkers actually try to achieve.
KILLING any professional worker's joy at work - to extinction. This kind of very common 'Management-from-Hell'- beware!
And let's, in this regard, not even try to mention "communication managers", please - ultimate scum of the earth.

We over here have a rather appropriate term for "managers" acting like how that apparently seems normal for them to do: Nek Hijgers.

I'm looking forward to anyone providing me with an appropriate English translation for that, might well come in handy in the future. Please fill me in, folks - if you dare. ;-)

Of course I'm backing up Mr. D...
Well I've been there before... hope I'll do better this time than all of my previous attempts of dealing with scum "managers".
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