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Servant_Solarfall [userpic]

Cristina. Die Königing der Nacht! - RIP...

August 8th, 2014 (04:30 am)

Cristina Deutekom, also known as "Stientje", one of a truly miraculous Queen of the Night.

Not to forget her fantastic performance interpreting "Konstanze"'s Martern Aller Artern-aria from Mozart's so much underrated splendid, and funny, opera "Die Entfürung aus dem Serail" .

Or this one. Just imacculate.

Like I said - funny, charming, heartwarming - if only if you allow yourself to understand and appreciate as such!

What a voice. An Angel's.

RIP, you dear lady.

Yes, at times, heavy/doom/trash/metal fans... acknowledge true classical music beauty.

RIP, dear STIENTJE, ultimate lovely singer of BEAUTY!!!