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Stereotypes of The Netherlands -

September 3rd, 2014 (06:09 am)

I'm not all around here all too often but this just made me smile and I wanted to share it with you, as... perhaps some of these stereotypes indeed hide a bit of truth - or even more!, LOL!

You know, that country of which most of Americans think Amsterdam is the capital of Denmark, or vice versa? :p
No, just a terrible, tiny, overcrowded spot located near the North Sea, some of which still think it's Hippy Country (no, it's NOT AT ALL, and smoking pot is more allowed in the USA than it is over here in my country nowadays, just to debunk some kind of silly ideas).


Well, I'm from "Train Delay Central", and my BF is a so-called 'Stubborn Blond Speedskater' aka a Frysian - but he hates snow and ice, and will never be spotted anywhere near it, despite indeed being stubborn and blond. LOL!

I most of all had to laugh aout the comments about our Southern neighbours, aka The Belgians - no, they are NOT stupid, and YES they have splendid beer - but the sidenote 'fix your highways, we need them to get to France!' is just so much spot-on!!! :D

More on that coming soon... as I've just come back from La Douce France, and well yes, I'm in love with that country.
As I've been for over a couple of decades already.

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Cristina. Die Königing der Nacht! - RIP...

August 8th, 2014 (04:30 am)

Cristina Deutekom, also known as "Stientje", one of a truly miraculous Queen of the Night.

Not to forget her fantastic performance interpreting "Konstanze"'s Martern Aller Artern-aria from Mozart's so much underrated splendid, and funny, opera "Die Entfürung aus dem Serail" .

Or this one. Just imacculate.

Like I said - funny, charming, heartwarming - if only if you allow yourself to understand and appreciate as such!

What a voice. An Angel's.

RIP, you dear lady.

Yes, at times, heavy/doom/trash/metal fans... acknowledge true classical music beauty.

RIP, dear STIENTJE, ultimate lovely singer of BEAUTY!!!

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"Managers", or whut?

July 23rd, 2014 (02:39 am)

Current location: Planet PUNK
Current mood: uncomfortable
Current song: Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle with You

I've already known it for a while, but today it got clear that my supervisor - who's a kind, perhaps even a bit TOO kind, a gentleman - who doesn't get on very well with his 'manager' aka the Mrs. Bonobo 'above' him.

I'm no part of this clash at all - Thanks Providence! -, but I know for sure that supervisor D. does indeed try his very best, even if I at times/rather regularly disagree with his - admitted, rather hippie-dippie - attitude. I'm a bit more of the 'hard core'-attitude at the office, in other words, "dear respected client, it's up to YOU to back up your claims, if you aren't able of doing that, than sorry, nothing we can do for you" - sorry folks, that's how it works for me, and that's, unfortunately for D., how it works for Mrs. Manager Bonobo just as well.

To be honest, I happen to agree with that attitude.
Still... that doesn't make me feel alright with her attitude towards Mr. D. Rather the contrary.

I have yet to encounter any "manager" who ever managed to explain to me exactly WHY they think they are entitled to earn so much more dosh than whatever-a-hard-trying-co-worker/professional, ever more, I have yet to find out what "managers" in general DO at all to 'earn' their money, apart from having endless discussions about the "management" the colour of the toilet paper in the loo? or, worse, keeping an eye, controlling their professionals to the point that those professionals don't feel safe to take any decision by themselves at all. Mind you, said "manager" usually has no clue at all of what their coworkers actually try to achieve.
KILLING any professional worker's joy at work - to extinction. This kind of very common 'Management-from-Hell'- beware!
And let's, in this regard, not even try to mention "communication managers", please - ultimate scum of the earth.

We over here have a rather appropriate term for "managers" acting like how that apparently seems normal for them to do: Nek Hijgers.

I'm looking forward to anyone providing me with an appropriate English translation for that, might well come in handy in the future. Please fill me in, folks - if you dare. ;-)

Of course I'm backing up Mr. D...
Well I've been there before... hope I'll do better this time than all of my previous attempts of dealing with scum "managers".

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"Give me the freedom to destroy...

July 21st, 2014 (02:23 am)

Give me... Radioactive Toy..."

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"I'm Back!"... well... sort-of.

April 22nd, 2012 (05:02 am)

My sincere thanks to those who showed their kudos, and the likes, as the past three months or so haven't been the easiest for me.
It's been a tough time for me lately.

Uhm... yeah.
*Who else* but the lovely Mr. S.W. would be so much able to express my feelings?

Remember Me Lover - indeed...

No worries - it's merely a couple of days when I'll be able to witness my fav musicians play live again.
The BOTH of them, it rather feels like they know that I am in need for some kind of acoustic comfort. LOL!

Daniel? Am I still on that Paradiso guest list? Heh.

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Hey okay...!

March 17th, 2012 (05:05 am)

Current song: Anneke van Gierbergen - Hey, okay!

I've been away for quite a while, a lot of that having had to do with my current personal life - a mite of garbage right now, I might as well admit. Don't worry to much about me - if you ever felt like that eh? - I'm a lawyer and eventually all will be fine. I'm taking care of things... oh bloody well yeah.

In other words: I've been busy and haven't found time to update this blog lately.
Hope you don't mind.

I did see a couple of concerts lately, namely The Jayhawks and Long Distance Calling in Utrecht, but that was quite all of it, and I didn't managed to post a review of those, sorry about that.

One slight thingie I'd like to share with you - I visited the ABN AMRO tennis tournament in Rotterdam, and guess what happened?

Yep, I somehow managed to meet Roger Federer aka *HIM*, not in an environment with tons of rabid fans reaching out for him at all of his practice sessions - but just late night, outside at the exit of Rotterdam Ahoy's rather deserted parking lot. WOW!

It was some two hours after his semifinal against Nicolay Davydenko. Which I was sure he was happy to have won, as he was down and out, one set and a break down, but still managed to get the win after all. No wonder he was in a rather good mood this night!
Fortunately Peter and Valerie, as well as Diane were as wonderful to make pictures of that meeting, YAY!!! Thank you so much for that, you dear folks!
This said: my THANKS to all of the wonderful fans I met that week. Fortunately, most of them being appreciative, positive folks, being able to cheer for their fav's opponents just the same - and that is what I like to see!

It was a pleasure I can tell you.
What a lovely person he is. Yep. He's sooo 'normal'. I can adjust to that from personal experience.
Notice that pink T-shirt I'm holding? That was from the "Match for Africa"-exho Fed did with Rafa Nadal in 2010 in Zürich. I said to Roger that now that I had his autograph on that tee, I'd do *whatever possible* to get Rafa's as well - hopefully in Halle this year.
He smiled at that, the dearie, and wished me best of luck!

There was a lot more about the ABN AMRO tennis tournament to tell this year, and maybe I will, soon, if time allows me.

Just one remark for now: DORIS - I promised you in the hospital that you'd get your casted foot signed, and I cannot express how happy I am that it indeed happened!!!
LOVE you, dear lady - thanks for everything, the pleasant company, etc!!!

It was a fairytale coming true.

"No fear, no shame, we play this game!"

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At the Heart of Winter!

February 5th, 2012 (01:12 am)

Current mood: bouncy
Current song: Steven Wilson - Deform to Form A Star

Most of my fellow North-Western Europeans disgust it. I can't help but just... adore it.
WINTER, I mean, true Winter, with ice covering the canals and (if only) the big rivers, and a lovely white blanket of snow covering the countryside. A gorgeous SUN and a lovely blue sky to match. Friggin' Beautiful!
Like this:

And more...Collapse )

Rather funny, however, is to witness how my country's public transport system completely COLLAPSES (The Light Onto Earth) as soon as there's some freezing temperatures, or a mere 10 cms of snow coming down. Rather ridiculous I think, just until one realizes that my country is one of the most overcrowded areas in the entire world - not that far away from a genuine Western-European Hong Kong. So, once again, all trains, planes and whatever manners of transport got bugged down the past few days - and somehow I think it's a good thing.

The Spirit of Nature once again showing - commanding - the Limitations of Earth's Mankind's feeling that "we have it all under our own controll", forcing all of us to just *ACCEPT* the situation, and to calm down on our overstressed, overhyped feelings of our own so-called 'importance'.
Well no, we are NOT important - Nature still RULES, and it doesn't hurt to get reminded of that fact, once in a while.
All HAILS, my dear King Winter!

My country hit a record -22.9 degrees Celsius last night. A record since 1958.
And if I hadn't made it clear enough already, I just LOVE it! Just a couple of extra clothes - my collection of Norwegian- and Andes- pure woolen knitwork comes in rather handy right now, let alone my regular Alpine skiing outfit -, my little gas heaters are doing well, and I just cannot help but marvell at the sight at night-time at the lovely, clear STARS all shining over us now.

Birdman, however, doesn't like it at all. Rather funny to know that he's a genuine Frisian - you'd think those folks would enjoy this, no?

Alvestêdetocht, in other words, the Elfstedentocht coming closer again this year? Wouldn't mind it to happen, I'll surely be watching it, if - may - it come to be. :-D

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Deform To Form A Star -

January 29th, 2012 (11:33 pm)

Current mood: crazy
Current song: Music - Music

"All these stories, of tortured souls..."

I bloody STILL haven't managed to post a review on this masterpiece, and I wonder if I ever will. Oh damn!

"Crawl into your arms,
Become the night, forever!
Coiled and close, the moment froze
Deform to Form a Star
Here on Earth together,
I got time to share, and a well used stare...

- The Chaos Remains!"

And, in more positive news, it looks like the lovely Mr. Daniel Cavanagh aka the only true Mr. Anathema put me - genuine-BUM-as-I-am - on the guest list for their upcoming show in April in Amsterdam's Paradiso... !!!WOW!!! IS ME!!!

So, here a tribute to that lovely fellow, and to most (5/6th) of his current band annex crew members, that is.

If anything Daniel, PLEASE, PLEASE play this truly BRILLIANT song LIVE in Paradiso.
I will bow down to you like I never ever did before to any a human being
No I won't. That was just a joke. I don't bow down to anyone, not even Mr. Brilliant Daniel Cavanagh, nor to the perhaps even more Mr. Brilliant Steven Wilson.
Sorry for that, folks. But still - I am in AWE!!!

My comment still stands. Please, please, Danny, play that gorgeous Sunset Of Age, perhaps my most beloved composition of yours EVER since the early days of Anathema, there, *live*!!!
Including that immaculate, Floydian guitar solo at the end, of course.

Make my Day. :-)

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"It's HER, isn't it...?"

January 24th, 2012 (08:24 pm)

Current song: Liv Christine - Deus Ex Machina

Well I'll admit, it's been a rather long time since I updates this, uhm, blog - supposedly about progressive rock - but lately rather, about MY life, most of all. Woe is me.
Truth be told, I've been terribly busy, didn't find much time for updating, least of all, allowing myself to be mesmerized by the music... or anything else, for that matter.

Quite a lot of CHANGES have been going on in my life recently.
Sad to admit that I felt forced to, eh, "dump" certain folks that I considered being long-time friends - I guess that's "the shite that happens". No bad feelings, you folks, I *understand*. At least I try to do so.
I forgive, but I don't forget - least at all the fact that they "dumped" *me* first. WAVEY! Let's greet each other with a smile one day again, okay? In the words of my beloved Van Der Graaf Generator aka Mr. Peter Hammill - "The Least We Can Do Is - Wave To Each Other..."

Miraculously I managed to get myself a new place to stay, and even more miraculously, considering the dreadful state of affairs on the house market where I live, managed to sell my former 'hole'.
A lot of cash in my wallet that is. Is it truly ME that got that done? I guess so. Not complaining. Somehow I managed to transform myself in a genuine hard-boiled negotiator. Never knew I had it in me.

And now for the 'new' hole. Lots, LOTS of things to be done.
THIS is how it looks right now:

Charming, eh? Scorpio-like garbage. Never mind. I'll take care of it. :-D

Birdman just *had to laugh*. As he usually does, that nasty, sarcastic grin which got me enamoured with him in the first place.
Sent him back to his usual occupation - bust the casino with your computers and your Bridge brain, love. I know you can do it. :-D

Oh well. The music again. One can never abandon one's true premier love.

How about the lovely Mrs. Liv Christine's Deus Ex Machina?

Deus Ex Machina - indeed.

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How can any a 2011-back-log be complete without...

January 3rd, 2012 (03:34 am)

mentioning the lovely, BEAUTIFUL Mrs. Amy Winehouse!

I so hope that you're happy wherever you are right now, dear lady Amy!

Damn that baztard in the skies grabs the best of 'em all around, to hurt us poor folks not being able to listen to our most talented any longer.
Guess why I am an atheist. A true 'god' would never allow this to happen.

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